Lead Material

Lead Material

The interier materials of AKTİF® X-RAY lead or lead-free polymer rubber- imported from abroad and used in our product in accordance to international standarts. Our lead aprons are received appreciation in Turkey and many other contries by its high quality materials and perfect workmanship.

Our standart lead aprons are made by a light allow of mixed rubber and lead. Starting from standart 0,125 mm Pb, 0,175 mm Pb, 0,25 mm Pb to special lead density aprons can be manufactured upon customer request.


LightWeight Lead

This protective product we called as super light is %22 is lighter but has the same protective capability comparing the other brand’s similar products.


Lead Free

We can use,  nature friendly, easy recyclable lead-free materials with the same protection level of leaded one in our products upon customer request.


Protection Feature

Super Light Protective Materials protection Capacity at 80 kV,

Super Light 0.50 mm Pb thickness protection ratio % 99

Super Light 0.35 mm Pb thickness protection ratio % 97

Super Light 0.25 mm Pb thickness protection ratio % 95


Metal pigments of our radiation protective lead or lead-free materials penetrated inside the polymer rubber plastic for maximum protection.


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