ID Cameras

ID Cameras

ID Cameras

Patient information and hospital name is written to film inside of cassette. Furthermore LCD display poses day,date and at the same time PA word during PA shots. All this operation is done in 1.5 seconds. The microprocessor in device will warn in case of any mistake.

Technical Information: 220-240 Watt or 110-120 Watt, 50-60 Hz. Heigth: 280mm, Wide: 320 mm, Length: 445 mm,15 kg.


1.      Large, easy read LCD scree

2.      Patient info, dose info, shot angle (name protocol nr., birth date, age, buck, focus etc)

3.      Full functional keyboard

4.      Quick acces keys 1 and 2

5.      Up to 35 x 43 film

6.      Computer connection packet

7.      Local automation connection

8.      Optical save of film info before wash

9.      Stopping eye tiring by reading white letters on black background

10.   5 characters entrance with big letters like name, age, date etc.

11.   Full capacity running even without computer

12.   Automatic test control

13.   Automatic age show

14.   Easy cleanable metal case

15.   Small size

16.   Screen info

17.   Recallin info

18.   Use of manual and auto modes

19.   Automatic wiev and angle adjustment

20.   Modifying patient list

21.   Info posing to film can be done bottom or top side of the film – selectable.

22.   Camera can be adjusted any window system.

ID Cameras

ID Cameras With Keyboard

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