It is assembled to radyography cassettes, flat and carbon fiber model are available. Flat bridge up to 35x43 for all dimensions.

If it is by Carbon fiber 301001 Grid Bridge





Parallel scanning can be used only for places where spreaded ray scanning application is not possible. This can be case for example shots in accident places or beds. Parallel scanning does not requires every procedures are fullfilled as focused scanning. But the quality is lower than focused scanning speacially in distances lover than (<100 cm) and bigger cassette form (>24x30cm).

In this case specially side part of radyography shots can have lightning. This problem occurs more for big holed scanings. That’s why it is not adviced to order paralel scanning more than 8:1 ratio. Generally, if FM is bigger, shot quality will be beter.


Focused Distance (FM)

It is adviced to be used only spreaded ray scannings. These scanning gives maximum possible shot quality. But in order to reach this quality, it is necessary that scanning must be centered to radiography tube, correct type of film usage and distance for focuse.

Spreaded ray scanning is delivered as from approx. 70 cm FM distances and variable ratio sizes.


Does it placed inside to cassette or it will be free according to dimension of 1 cm drawing ratio or focus distance? Indicate this details with grid orders. Grid increases shot quality and absorbe unwanted rays. It is used to use with grid bridge in following places patient bed, radiography trays, operation rooms .


Special Grids

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