Lead Door

Lead Door

Radiography Room Doors

Our company produce custom dimension lead doors upon customer request and mount it. Door opening can be as slide way upon request. Please send your inquiry with dimensions of doors.

Lead Isolation

Radiation safety rules and regulation requires wall of radiological risky rooms (Radiography, tomography, computer aided tomography, radiotherapy, X-Ray) to be lead isolation.

Our company coats windows and doors of these rooms beside their walls. Please send your inquiry with technical drawing  of your room.

What we do;

By our team having 20 years experience;

Armoring for Radiography and Tomography Rooms according to TAEK standart.

Design and Armoring for Panoramic Dental Radigraphy Rooms

Lead Doors. Fully customized; models and sizes

Doctor Protection Paravane fully customized; fixed, wheeled, any size.

Dark Room Lamp

Leaded glass in all diamention in stock.

Lead Door

Door Cross Section Lead

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