Lead Curtains

Lead Curtains

Lead Curtains

Lead curtain is produced in order to protect humans against scattered x-rays. They can be used and applied with ease.

Applications: Aisle, cabin entry, seperating the working areas, covering windows and many other purpose and places. Mobile lead curtain can be slided to different ways with ease giving you usability of multi-purpose positions.



LightWeight Lead

LeadFree (optional)

Lead Equivalent

0,25 mm Pb, 0,35 mm Pb, 0,50 mm Pb

Curtain for Table

Standard 12x80 size protective curtains can be opened and closed by overlapping each part to others system. In operation rooms it can be applied to C armed rontgen tube. It can be produced in requested sizes. It can be produced with 0,25/0,35/0,50 lead equivalent. Select your color.

Leaded Curtain

Curtain for Table

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