Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

AGSA Surgical Gloves

This gloves is produced by pouring the mixture of natural and leaded rubber solution to moulds. Gloves insides are covered by a natural rubber layer. Gloves are washed, dried and packed in a strictly controled area.



XP-1* Light Type

XP-2** Medium Type

XP-3*** Heavy Type


Where to use:

XP-1* Light Type: Gives maximum touch sense, it is self-lubricated (ease wearing), used more at angiography, urographi, hemotology, gastrology, light-simple surgical operations.


XP-2** Medium Type: Standart thickness, self-lubricated (ease wearing), used more at urology, oncology centers, dentistry, surgery and cardiology.


XP-3*** Heavy Type: It has thicker materials and proper for traumatology and nuclear field.

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves

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