Double-Sided Apron Wrap Model

Double-Sided Apron Wrap Model

This wrap model apron gives perfect protection on front side of the body because it covers front side of the body completely.

For  the two sided x-ray expose, overall protection level is keeped as 0,25mm Pb at single front part, so it gives 0,50 mm Pb protection for long term use by a lighter weight apron.


It gives maximum protection and preferred by operator of Cardiology department and fields where there is too much x-ray. It has 2 model with belt and witout belt giving maximum protection.


It can be weared like a jacket and its cruvaze style overlaps to eachother in order to give full protection on front side of human body and gonad region. The shoulder wadding decreases the load over the shoulders.


LightWeight Lead

LeadFree (optional)

Lead Equivalent

Front: 0,35mm Pb or 0,50mm Pb

Back: 0,25mm Pb

Spiral type Front and Back Protection Leaded Overa

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