Aktif Dis Ticaret

Aktif Dis Ticaret, was established in 1993 by the purpose of serving the Medical Sector.

Our first commercial activity was importing the document microfilm recorder -which lets archiving easy- to Turkish market.


Started to representate world-famous radiology accessories manufacturers in Turkey in 1995. Meanwhile we increased our speciality about protective lead aprons by importing and distrubiting all over to Turkey. By the experience on this area Aktif Dis Ticaret started to manufacture protective lead aprons by his own brand AKTİF® X-RAY. AKTİF® X-RAY Lead Aprons and other protective materials based on lead are manufactured by %100 Turkish capital in Turkey and exported to world by warranty of Aktif Dis Ticaret.

You can research AKTİF® X-RAY brand lead aprons and protective leaded materials thorugh our new website. If you wish you can give your valuable order using our web site.


We remain at your disposal by the policy of %100 Customer Satisfaction and Total Quality.


AKTİF® X-RAY is registered to Aktif Dis Ticaret by Turkish Patent Institute.

Whenever you wish to get more information about our products, you can contact with us. Our team of specialists will give you the best assistance for your needs.

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